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Blu-ray Killer Xiaomi Roidmi B1 Black Rim 0° Diopter Glasses, HOYA Lens With 9-Film Coating

Sitting in the office every day to operate the computer, often feel dry eyes, fatigue, vision decreased significantly?  You need Anti Bluray Protect Glasses, XIAOMI Roidmi B1 Black Rim Anti Bluray Protect Glasses will help you to protect your eyes from being radiated by blue light. And black rim glasses are so popular that everyone from students to celebrities can be seen wearing them. Suitable for everyday wear and special occasions, they are worn by millions of people around the world.

XIAOMI Roidmi B1 Highlights
Professional Optical Lens

The HOYA lens are of the best quality and it is also capable of filtering the harmful blue light emitted by mobile, PC, TV, LED, etc. and therefore offers a much better contrast when compared to other brands in the market.

9-film Coating

The 9-film coated lens is expected to block 35% of the blue light and glare emitted from your PC screen while holding a permeation ratio of 98%. Aspherically designed, the lens condenses the distortion to the minimun…

Xiaomi Body Fat Scale, Showing 10 Data To Know Better About Your Body

Yesterday, Xiaomi officially released Xiaomi Body Fat Scale, Xiaomi declared that Xiaomi Body Fat Scale with a minimalist look and slim design, able to detect 10 physical data, the maximum support 16 people can be measured with the use of xiaomi sports App.

MI body fat scale using the industry's mature BIA bioelectrical impedance technology. The basic principle is to divide the body into conductive body fluids, muscles, and non-conductive adipose tissue, when the user barely stepped on the mi body fat scale's four metal electrodes, its internal BIA module will measure the user from the left foot to the right foot of the resistance, calculate the results of body composition with the formula.

In addition to body fat, Mi body fat scale can also measure body weight, BMI, muscle mass, basal metabolism, visceral fat grade, bone mass, water, body fat rate, body size, body scores a total of 10 human data.

After mobile phone and mi sports APP binding, each weighing and body fat-related…

Amazing! Meizu 55W Super mCharge Quick Charger, 20 Minutes Fully Charged A Smartphone

Meizu in Barcelona MWC 2017 Global rollout of third-generation fast-charge technology — Super mCharge, official said 20 minutes fully charged a smartphone (3000mAh).

Super mCharge is Meizu launched the third generation fast charge technology (mCharge 18W, mCharge 2.0 24W), using 11V / 5A new high-pressure direct charge program, the maximum power up to 55W, 20 minutes to full of 3000mAh battery, compared to ordinary charging speed increased more than 5 times.

MEIZU Super mCharge integration of high-current fast charge, high voltage fast charge their advantage, to achieve a low heat, high efficiency. The use of innovative charge pump technology - two groups of circuits, direct output half of the voltage, allowing the charging efficiency of up to 98%, leading the normal 9% efficiency.

After filling the battery with 3000mAh, the maximum temperature of the field test machine is only about 38 ℃, the equivalent of the body's normal body temperature, fast and cool.

Of course, under 55W of…