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Blu-ray Killer Xiaomi Roidmi B1 Black Rim 0° Diopter Glasses, HOYA Lens With 9-Film Coating

Sitting in the office every day to operate the computer, often feel dry eyes, fatigue, vision decreased significantly?  You need Anti Bluray Protect Glasses, XIAOMI Roidmi B1 Black Rim Anti Bluray Protect Glasses will help you to protect your eyes from being radiated by blue light. And black rim glasses are so popular that everyone from students to celebrities can be seen wearing them. Suitable for everyday wear and special occasions, they are worn by millions of people around the world.

XIAOMI Roidmi B1 Highlights

Professional Optical Lens

The HOYA lens are of the best quality and it is also capable of filtering the harmful blue light emitted by mobile, PC, TV, LED, etc. and therefore offers a much better contrast when compared to other brands in the market.

9-film Coating

The 9-film coated lens is expected to block 35% of the blue light and glare emitted from your PC screen while holding a permeation ratio of 98%. Aspherically designed, the lens condenses the distortion to the minimun by keeping the sight consistent inside and out.

Blu-ray Killer

To make your eyes healthy, apply computer eyewear can really help a lot. To alleviate the damage to our eyes during outdoor sports, B1 adopts the most professional lens to isolate blue light and 99.9% of the ultraviolet.


First look at the packaging, the front of the packaging is Roidmi Anti-Blu-Ray glasses product images, looks quite simple, no trace of excess things, the following is written with anti-blue light glasses (防蓝光护目眼镜) these words in chinese.

Back of the package marked glasses relevant information. This is Xiaomi Roidmi B1 Classic Boston Edition, the packaging of the xiaomi product gives the impression that it is simple and the majority is packed in white.

Then look at the inside of the product packaging. Open the package, inside a frame, there are a two-dimensional code inside, below are two temples, next to the nose pads. Most of the accessories are hidden in the packaging, have to demolished in order to look carefully how is it?

There are glasses temples

This is the nose pads, each nose pad below printed Roidmi, 2 nose pads are not the same length, the user in accordance with their own needs to choose their favorite nose pad.

Glasses box and glasses cloth color first gives the feeling is fresh, glasses box design quite chic, different from the traditional glasses box design, glasses cloth and the traditional glasses cloth is not much difference.

Finally look at the focus of this product, the frame, the frame with classic color black, go well with any complexion, bring focus to your face. This product accessories can be demolished, which meet the young people's choice, you can pick their favorite color.


2 temples available for selection, marked the L and R, so when installing the temples, will not be wrong, very intimate. 

The second thoughtful design you can replace the nose pad, depending on you prefer to use a long nose pad, or short nose pads.

Product manual introduces the Roidmi anti-blue glasses information, the most basic use of the product: replacement of temples and nose pads. Nose pad replacement is relatively simple, and not too complicated. For beginning users, it is quite easy to understand instructions.

Glasses box can be folded, easy to carry, do not occupy the place, but also generous and beautiful, love the box design.

Next is the installation of the temples, this product is still very simple to install, look at the picture.

Installation of the nose pad is more simple, nose pads to take out of the box, choose the nose pad suitable for you, and then press into the installed position. If the first time you feeling the nose pad is not suitable, you can take out, choose another one, and then install up.

Black rim glasses have been around for a long time and they have been popular with men and women of every generation. Styles come and go; some achieve great popularity and then fade into oblivion; others do not even make a ripple. But black rimmed glasses will always be in style and there are good reasons for it! Buy XIAOMI Roidmi B1 Anti Bluray Protect Glasses at geekbuying for $64.99, 


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