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[Tips & Tricks] How To Unlock Xiaomi Mi Book Air Laptop With Your Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Most of you know Xiaomi is advertising it's Mi Book Air with the feature of unlocking it with a Xiaomi Mi Band 2, but you know how to unlock this feature? Here is the answer you were looking for. Following is tutorial teach you how to achieve this function! This feature needs to rely on the latest mi band 2 firmware + Windows 10 annual upgrade system 1607 + unlock software to achieve ( Like Mi Band's phone unlocking feature requires smartphones with MIUI or Android 5.0 and above. )

So, before using this function, you need to do the following preparations!

1, Unlock your phone and enter mi fit app, and upgrade the mi band 2 firmware to the latest (Android-side firmware, ios-side firmware and above), open the mi fit APP Play, check to turn on the Bluetooth radio function, unbind mobile terminal and bracelet;

2, Xiaomi notebook system upgrade to the latest Windows 10 annual upgrade system 1607 or above (Formerly Windows system version 1511), press the Windows key + R, bring up the run command, enter cmd, you can see it; The system upgrade in settings -- Updates and security -- Update the system in Windows Update. 

3. Login to the Windows 10 application store to download Xiaomi Smart Unlock (小米智能解锁 in chinese) software and install (This feature requires log in your Microsoft account to the store to download, no Microsoft account, first registered Microsoft account). In addition, direct search xiaomi smart unlock can not be found in the application store currently, you need to search Xiaomi in the search bar, then in the drop-down recommendation inside click on millet smart unlock. 

4. After installing the software, open the system Start - Settings - Account - login option, set up your computer account to login via Microsoft Account, and use the Microsoft account PIN code login; as shown in the figure after using the Microsoft account login should be so displayed.

After all the above preparations, then start mi band unlock settings work:

1. Run xiaomi smart unlock app, follow the prompts the software will automatically start the search bracelet, please try to close to mi band, temporarily away from other Bluetooth signal interference; notebook Bluetooth switch needs to turn on in advance. In Settings >> Devices >> Bluetooth >> Turn on Bluetooth.

2. View bracelet has been found, Click Binding, The bracelet will begin to vibrate, Touch the band 2 button to confirm that the scan is connected to your band;

If the above preparatory work only done the first three steps, then there will guide the fourth step to set the PIN login, and here has been successfully set up. In fact, here is not difficult to find the process is almost the same with the bracelet binding the phone, also ppen the software to scan, vibration and then confirm, then you're done, to try Windows + L lock the computer to use the mi band to unlock it.

Need to pay attention to several points:

1. This feature is only xiaomi notebook pre-installed Windows 10 system (earlier version, please upgrade to 14393) can be used, Self-install Windows10 or other systems, or other non-xiaomi laptop will not be used. In addition, if the system is pre-installed by the system upgrade to the Professional Edition or other Windows10 version of the theory is not affected.

2. This feature requires the computer can find miband Bluetooth signal, you must first turn on the miband Bluetooth radio function;

3. Because the mi band connection is one-to-one, so if you want to connect the laptop computer, cell phone connection must be disconnected;

4. Must be set to Microsoft account PIN code login; since this function is actually input in place of the PIN, so sleep, hibernation or other non-working state, the need to wake up the computer to enter the PIN code interface in order to unlock. Restart, shutdown and then enter the system login interface can not be directly unlocked, you need to use the password to enter the system and then lock the computer or sleep then it can continue to use.

5. Similar to fingerprint unlock phone, after the boot or restart, you need to verify the digital or pattern password and you can use the fingerprint, this scene change to your computer, when the computer just boot, reboot, re-login after log off, Mi Band 2 unlock still need to verify the device, this time can not be completed mi band unlock, the normal PIN code to enter the system then you can use the xiaomi bracelet 2 to unlock you mi air book.


  1. Is there no way to install to the other language or the other version of windows?

    1. Yes, you can! You need to change your country to China in Regional Settings. After that you'll be able to download the Xiaomi Smart Unlock App in Microsoft Store. Then you can change you country back. I did it with Russia and it's work without issues!

  2. "3. Because the mi band connection is one-to-one, so if you want to connect the laptop computer, cell phone connection must be disconnected;"

    First of all, thank you for the tutorial! It works! About quote above. Do you know, if it's a hardware limitation (one-to-one connection only) or it could be changed to a multiconnection in firmware in future? What do you think? Thanks again!


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