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OnePlus 3T Teardown, The Best Midprice Anroid Phone

The latest flagship from OnePlus, the OnePlus 3T, with high-end features and specifications under its all new metal unibody design: equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, with 6GB RAM, the overall performance is very powerful, Antutu Benchmark running up to 160000 +, here is teardown of the device to see what it packs on the inside. Let’s take a peek.

OnePlus 3T using all-metal body design, like using the same design of other mobile phones, The screen part and the metal back cover through the buckle and the screw fixed, when disassembled it need to unscrew fixed screws at the bottom first.

After remove the bottom setscrew you can separating the screen portion from the metal back cover, but In the demolition must be careful because there are a lot of fixed buckle, do not be too "rude".

Open the back cover, we can see, most of the phone components are on the screen. There are not many devices on the back cover, including vibration motor, NFC coil, three-stage side keys are in the back cover. It is worth mentioning that there are thermal insulation on the back cover, in the fixed components at the same time, but also to ensure good heat dissipation.

Close-up of the motherboard part with the top cover.

Close-up of bottom small circuit board part and the bottom of the back cover

We first remove the bottom of the small circuit boards, just twist off fixing screws when removing. The demolition process is relatively simple, but a lot of fixed screws must be more patient.

In a small circuit board has a fixed cable is not removable, and 3.5mm headphone jack components and speaker components are fixed, also can not be demolished. The advantage of this is that there is no connection problem between components, even if the accidental fall of mobile phone components will not loose the situation.

The bottom of the small circuit board close-up, thw jack from left to right in turn are: 3.5mm headphone jack, Type-C jack and speaker jack.

Fingerprint module close-up. Remove the bottom of the small circuit board will be able to see the fingerprint module, fingerprint identification keys can not be pressed, a touch to unlock the phone.

Also in the demolition of the motherboard is also need to twist off the set screws, need to pay attention to the motherboard there are small buckle fixed, after unscrewing all screws should be taken care to disassemble.

Motherboard close-up. Mobile phone chip on the motherboard with a fixed shield to protect, but the shield is not removable certain extent will affect the cooling of the chip.

And OnePlus 3T adopt the fixed frame and removable shield cover way to balance perfectly between the protection chip and cooling problems. And there are thermal grease on the shield, to further enhance the heat dissipation performance.

After removing the shield will be able to see the “face of each chip”. Red: 128GB UFS 2.0 flash memory chip; Green: audio amplifier chip; Blue: Qualcomm WTR3925 RF chip; Yellow: Qualcomm QCA6164A wireless control chip.

This picture shows the other side of the motherboard. Red part is the Samsung 6GB LPDDR4 memory and Snapdragon 821 processor, storage and CPU are packaged together; Green: two Qualcomm PM8996 power management chip; Blue: RF chip

In addition to the shield can be removed on the motherboard, only two cameras. Left: SONY IMX 298 16 million pixel main lens; Right: 16 million pixel front lens.

Speak the battery, OnePlus 3T battery capacity of 3400mAh, In the case of body size has not changed Oneplus 3T has a larger capacity battery, the battery duration life is better.

Although it is a bit difficult to remove the back cover, it is fairly easy to replace the internals after that. Please note that teardowns will most definitely void your warranty so if you are planning to do the same on your device, keep that in mind.

What is your overall satisfaction rating with OnePlus 3T? 


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