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Doonne Smart Flower Arrangement Bedside Lamp, Also Can Do Preschool Education

Geekbuying listed a interesting creative products: Doonne Smart Cordless Flower Arrangement Lamp Lantern Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Remote Control, it's a bedside lamp, but its feature is not just limited to illuminate, unlike Intelligent light bulbs normally, this lamp is the appearance of a vase, 20 cm high weight of 500 grams, and is using the traditional handmade glass blown out. First glass was heated syrup-like, and then blown into a vase shape with a blowpipe before cooling and solidification of liquid glass.  

Doonne Vase Lamp charging cradle is carefully designed, with touch charging mode so that users do not have to move the vase to charge. 

Charging cradle cable gap at the bottom to ensure the charging cable does not interfere with the base of the balance. 

Lamp upper opening matching vase matte surface, not deep structure to facilitate the user to easily cleaning after filled with water.

The bottom surface of the lamp has metal contacts for charging, surrounded by th…