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Showing posts from April 10, 2016

Xiaomi Max, Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Plus and Xiaomi Big, Which One You Prefer?

Xiaomi official weibo account update a post, announced that will launch a maximum screen smartphone, it's a new serie, following are alternate name: Xiaomi Max, Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Plus and Xiaomi Big, and fficial accounts have been registered on 

From the naming point of view, except for Xiaomi Pro, the rest of the accounts tend to "big." Perhaps in the mobile phone market, Xiaomi more recognized positioned large-screen flagship. Look at Xiaomi's mobile phone products, at present in fact not much big screen phone, the largest mobile phone product is Xiaomi Note with 5.7 inches sreen. And Xiaomi also did not launch a 6 inch large screen mobile phone like others manufacturers. 
Currently no additional information about this new machine, look forward to xiaomi officially announced this big-screen product.

Sogou Momoda, Not Just a Screen Protector, Also A Power Bank

Phone battery died drives people crazy, how can make people more confidence to use mobile phones, Sogou has been looking for a breakthrough, and Sougou will listed a incredible new product: Sogou Momoda, it looks like just a regular cell phone membrane, but in reality to meet the user typing, charging and screen protector three major demands, the perfect solution to the mobile phone charging problem.

Sogou big data show that Chinese people use mobile phones daily average typing 4107 characters, each chinese character in accordance with tap 4 times to count, tap the screen per day, more than 16428 times. Sogou just focused on such a high frequency of finger movements, makes each time input not only input text. Apart from the user on the phone tapping, friction, temperature and other acts are energy source of Sogou MOMODA.
Official Introduction Page Clic Here Sogou MOMODA break the traditional way of charging, completely improve the mobile phone power shortage problem. Perfectly adapted …