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Showing posts from April 3, 2016

Meizu Meilan Note 3 Listed, Equiped Helio P10 + 4100mAh Battery

Meizu finally held the first new conference of the year 2016 in this afternoon, in this conference, officially released a new generation of Meilan Note, the Meilan note3 (clic here buy meizu m3 note). 

Meilan Note3 adopt integrated all-metal body design, the whole design very similar MX5 and PRO5. It is equipped with 5.5 inches 1080P screen, within the screen black border controlled as good as before. Its Front 5 megapixel camera as large as the distance sensor, and formed symmetry. The bottom is iconic Home button, support mTouch 2.1. Support the front push fingerprint identification, you can unlock the fastest only 0.2S. 

Body thickness is 8.2mm, weighs 163g, has a good grip feeling. Its body is made of aluminum, the use of a more delicate sandblasting process, the antenna uses a high-light T-slot design, Rear 13 million pixel camera, without any projections, support phase focus, from day experience point of view, the image is good.

Its speaker design at the bottom of the phone, usi…

Teclast X98 Plus Dual OS Windows10 + Android 5.1 Tablet PC Review

With the Windows 10 operating system is gradually being recognized by consumers, Tablet PC products equipped with Windows 10 system continue to emerge, Teclast X98 Plus is a Tablet PC based on a Windows 10 operating system, with first-class look and a good configuration.

Teclast X98 Plus Look

Teclast X98 Plus adopts new design metal body with shining bezel, products look raised a notch. Front panel without any buttons or Logo, in addition to the 9.7-inch screen, is just a front camera, you can not even determine if it is Android tablet or Windows tablet. Teclast Logo appears on the back of the fuselage, very eye-catching position, below is the specific parameters and certification logo, the bottom is a speaker.

Hardware:Mainstream Hardware

Equipped with Intel Z8300 processor, the eighth generation HD Graphics graphics core with 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage space, 9.7 inch IPS display, just from the hardware point of view this is the result after the performance and power trad…

Onda V919 Air Dual OS Windows10 + Android 5.1 Intel Atom X5-Z8300 Tablet PC

Onda V919 Air Dual System Tablet PC has developed the world's first dual-system technology, making both the video game or business office caneasy to deal with,, which is a very convenient technology, in order to bring a more fluid experience.

Onda V919 Air dual system tablet's body design is very stylish and delicate, the main machine color is gold, no extra clutter design, it looks very clean and simple, Its 7.5mm ultra-narrow side of the border and ultra-thin thickness of 7.85mm making this tablet is slim and compact, easy to carry and use. Onda V919 Air dual system uses Unibody one piece metal craft and single crystal diamond cutting technology, making the machine have a metallic and technological sense.

Onda V919 3G Air dual system with a 9.7-inch capacitive touch screen, resolution is 2048x1536, show the picture is very clear and looks very comfortable. The systems is this tablet most amazing, the most unique and innovative place, Onda V919 3G Air dual system uses pre-ins…