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How Strong Xiaomi Mi5 Ceramic Back Cover? This Anti-scratch Test Video Will Surprise You

Since Xiaomi 5 release, the ceramic version is most concern, top performance + 3D ceramic body, was named the coolest Xiaomi phone by mi fans.

It can be seen from the comparison chart before shooting, the same color is black, Xiaomi Mi5 ceramic version's color looks more transparent, mirror effect is more obvious.

Lei Jun also said that the use of this material totaling take 16 steps, compared to glass materials, the cost of this new material higher 75% than glass , and up to 8 Mohs hardness, extremely resistant, and brought natural warm feel. Inferior to the diamond and sapphire, which is harder than the more common glass.

So in the end how tough Xiaomi 5 ceramic cover? Xiaomi official released a test video: key, dwarf, saws, drills and other tools have been played, but Xiamomi Mi5 ceramic back cover is still bright as new in the end.

Here is test video 


Xiaomi technology recently released an international version of the Xiaomi Yi action camera: US version and EU version. Both version are available in white and black color. At the same time, Xiaomi will ban APP service of Chinese version in the overseas, which means that if you purchase Yi action camera of Chinese version. It is most likely to be your “toy”. Obviously that Xiaomi is to promote its international version. Thus, Let’s have a look at what changes they make.

As we all know that the Chinese version of Yi action camera can only connect Chinese App. If Xiaomi bans overseas APP service, then what can the users do?  The answer maybe is to buy an international one. APP of the international version with multi languages applies to global users.
The international version of Yi action camera has passed CE and FCC certifications. In addition,  the US version has passed CRUUS certification and the EU version passing KC certification. Comparing to this, the original …