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Doonne Smart Flower Arrangement Bedside Lamp, Also Can Do Preschool Education

Geekbuying listed a interesting creative products: Doonne Smart Cordless Flower Arrangement Lamp Lantern Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Remote Control, it's a bedside lamp, but its feature is not just limited to illuminate, unlike Intelligent light bulbs normally, this lamp is the appearance of a vase, 20 cm high weight of 500 grams, and is using the traditional handmade glass blown out. First glass was heated syrup-like, and then blown into a vase shape with a blowpipe before cooling and solidification of liquid glass.  

Doonne Vase Lamp charging cradle is carefully designed, with touch charging mode so that users do not have to move the vase to charge. 

Charging cradle cable gap at the bottom to ensure the charging cable does not interfere with the base of the balance. 

Lamp upper opening matching vase matte surface, not deep structure to facilitate the user to easily cleaning after filled with water.

The bottom surface of the lamp has metal contacts for charging, surrounded by the touch screen switch. Although around touch keys have not LED indicator, but logo surface is quite obvious, if there are LED lights indicate better. Built-in lithium battery at the botom, when fully charged able to work without charge power supply cable. Its built-in LED Lamp support for 16 million colors, can be selected via a mobile phone APP, APP support Android and iOS, of course, to connect via Bluetooth, and support breathing, circadian rhythm, music, heart, and other scenes and interactive games. 

App features a lot, one of the most distinctive in that play games and color recognition function, the family has children, so that children can clearly identify which colors, and can exercise the child's cognitive abilities through the game. very interesting! There is a heartbeat function detects body pulsating through the camera and flash to testing index of heartbeat!


This Doonne Smart Cordless Flower Arrangement Lamp now available on Geekbuying for $54.99 with free shipping. With it, you didn't have to strenuous thought scouring your favorite vase; with it, You do not have to go buy more bedroom lights, buy link check here

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Doonne Light App Description 

Doonne light control is a scenario for doonne Bluetooth lamp lights APP, user control over a Bluetooth connection, access to the lamp, easy to access a greater variety of light color and brightness of the lights of different operating scenarios and game modes.

doonne light designed to allow users to interact with the scene of the lamp process, can have simple and comfortable lighting control experience.

With this app, you can experience our interesting features a variety of powerful bulbs:
- Colorful bubbles color selection, so that the toner is more fun!
- Very interesting interactive games, can dance, play games, teach children know the color, can shake, to monitor the heart rate (and let your light bulb sync pulse)!
- A variety of breathing patterns, you can make life more colorful!
- Continuous tuning of the music mode, the microphone mode that allows you to light bulbs, the atmosphere became king, let everything follow the rhythm of moving!
- Cool and easy to use camera to take color photographs take color, the color of nature brought home!
- More use scenarios and group mode, the lamp can be home more easily manipulated!
- More exciting play, download App experience it!


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