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TourMate A9 DUAL LEN Rear View Mirror Dashcam

For car owners, the face of complex urban traffic conditions, vehicle traveling data recorder became standard. Recommended for everyone today is Tourmate A9 vehicle traveling data recorder, Adopt 5.0-inch large-screen high-definition display, wide field of vision, a special waterproof material, not afraid of rain, shooting clear, the industry's highest-definition 170 degree wide-angle lens, avoid shooting dead angle, recording more comprehensive.

Tourmate A9 vehicle traveling data recorder has a slim body, with 5.0-inch IPS HD display, 170 degree HD wide-angle lens, optical blue mirror, H.264 HD compression, 5MP OV9712 camera, USB 2.0 high-speed interface, Built-in 500 mA high-capacity lithium battery, maximum support 32GB expansion. Do not miss the second loop recording, support audio recording, support a variety of display modes, watch more intuitive.

TourMate A9 come with 2 version: the standard version and Android OS version

-- Car DVR, 5.0 inches screen, 170 degress wide angle len
-- HD rearview carcamcorder, support 1080P video recording
-- Built-in G-sensor; support Motion detection, Night vision
-- Auto lock files when there is a car crash
-- Support real-time monitoring, 24 hours parking monitoring
-- Auto loop recording, support TF card max 32GB extending

What's in the box?
1* Camera
1* Car Charger
1* USB Cable
1* Rearview Camera
1* User Manual


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