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10 Reasons To Choose Windows Tablet Over iPad

Tablet PC is very popular, perhaps the user has not tablet are considering buying one. It may not be the first consideration Windows Tablet PC, however, it shows that there are many reasons that people should buy this tablet. Here is 10 reasons to buy Windows Tablet PC over iPad.


For Tablet PC buyers, it has a more choice is always a good thing. Tablet PCs running other platforms only Apple or Samsung and Google and other brands to choose from. The Windows tablet has a large number to choose from.

Almost every major PC manufacturer has Windows Tablet PC products. Users can choose from a good product: HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Sony, Samsung and Acer and other famous PC manufacturers are producing Windows tablet.


Most Windows Tablet PC is able to complete the PC's ordinary work. Which include allowing users to connect peripherals to complete the work tasks. This includes connecting a keyboard, mouse, external hard drives and DVD optical fiber and other peripherals. 

Any device capable of connecting to a PC can be connected Windows tablet. Users can also connect an external monitor to let Windows tablet into a desktop computer. Windows Tablet PC can also connect the living room big screen TV.

3. Quality is getting better

Windows 8 was first released in the Tablet PC's performance is not as good. However, it is a thing of the past. Microsoft will soon add functionality and modify other functions, allows tablet users to get a better experience. 

Windows 8.1 update does make using the tablet become a good experience. It does add a lot of features that make using Windows into a good thing by touch operation.

The next big version of Windows is Windows 10 and will be free for most. It is very good and is particularly fitting for tablets. It enable tablets to run well both with and without a keyboard.

Everyone using Windows 8.1 will want Windows 10.


Multitasking is most effective when multiple apps can be on the tablet screen at the same time. Windows has long been good for doing that, especially since Windows 8.1. It getting better in Windows 10.

Microsoft said: When you need the tablet, it is the tablet. When you need a laptop, it is the laptop.


Multitasking is most effective when multiple apps can be on the tablet screen at the same time. Windows has long been good for doing that, especially since Windows 8.1. It is even better in Windows 10.

6. Office applications can run locally

Many people talk about the need for Microsoft Office applications on your tablet. Although other tablet platforms there are alternative Office applications, but don't have a solution as good as a real Office software. Windows is the only platform capable of running locally Office. This means that Windows Tablet PC is the only platform in the Office application running locally. Many OEM manufacturers included in the price of Microsoft Office applications in the sales price, thereby increasing the value of the Windows tablet.


The ability to share documents and communicate with coworkers, especially team mates, is critical in most work settings. The iPad and Android tablets can do that but Windows is very good with business class options.

8. APP

You may have heard of Windows applications less than iPad or Android applications. This is certainly true. But these install the full version of Windows Tablet PC can access the huge application library. Able to run Windows Store new applications as well as traditional Windows applications to Windows Tablet PC to open the living space. If the application store has more tablet-optimized application will be better, but the number of these applications is increasing rapidly.

9. Able to run any browser

People use a lot of time browsing the site, especially tablet users. Although IE is a good browser on a tablet, but many people can not do without their favorite third-party browser. Which for Windows Tablet PC is not a problem because it can run any PC web browser. iPad and Android tablets, there are some other browsers, but, Windows can run in all browsers.

10. The long-term viability

The emergence of the new company and the old company's exit is a very real situation. Buy any mobile platform device must believe this platform and this platform will support long-term survival. Tablet PC using Windows without worrying about this problem, because Microsoft will certainly survive for a long time. Microsoft will not go bankrupt. You can be sure that your new Windows tablet in a long time will get technical support. 


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