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iPhone6s, MOTO X Force, Samsung S6 EDGE +, Huawei Mate 8 etc 16 Smartphone Frost Resistance Challenge

Smartphone can still work under extremely cold conditions? I think many people are curious about this, so someone did a 16 Smartphone Frost Resistance Challenge Test, to find out the answer. 

Let's recognize that 16 contestants at first, they come from mainstream brands: Letv 1s, Samsung S6 edge +, Huawei Mate 8, ZTE AXON MAX, Gionee M5 Plus, 360 Qiku Flagship Version, Nubia Prague S, iPhone 6s, Smartisan T2, Meizu PRO 5, Moto X Force, OnePlus 2, ZUK Z1, OPPO R7s, Vivo X6, Xiaomi Redmi 3.

Next comes the test equipment: 1, a portable freezer for isolated external heat; 2, three thermometers, ensure the accuracy of the test temperature; 3, dry ice for cooling, dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, the melting point of the standard atmospheric pressure -78.5 degrees Celsius, the boiling point of -56.6 degrees Celsius.

Dry Ice
3 thermometers
First Round: 0 ° C

Freezer bottom laying a layer of ice
Freezer bottom laying a layr of ice at first, then put a small wooden box to put phones (Avoid direct contact with the ice), put thermometer probe in the middle of the two mobile phones, Finally, the remaining two thermometers are placed inside wooden boxes and wooden box outside, add a layer of ice on the wooden box and close the lid. 

Placed phone
Put a layer of dry ice
In this case, the freezer is a miniature air convection system, hot air rises, cold air sinking, theoretically the lowest temperature of freezer at the bottom, the top temperature is relatively high.

The temperature dropped to 0 degrees

23 minutes later, the thermometer shows the temperature has dropped to 0 degrees Celsius. Open the freezer found: on wooden box temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius, the box air temperature around 0 degrees Celsius (lower heat capacity than air, cooling fast), the phone's temperature just drops to zero degrees.

The first open
At 0 degrees Celsius, all the 16 phones can be used normally smooth operation without Caton phenomenon.

Second round: -10 ° C

After 56 minutes
 The 16 phones phone back into the freezer again, After 55 minutes the thermometer shows the temperature dropped to -10.5 degrees Celsius. 16 mobile phones at low temperatures has been nearly one hour, out freezer frost immediately, but all can be used normally, but many mobile phones have appeared Caton phenomenon, slide the screen there is a significant image persistence.

Third round: -20 ° C

16 phone back into the freezer, after 50 minutes, the thermometer shows the temperature dropped to -20 degrees Celsius.

-20 ° C
iPhone 6s successfully stopped working, even restart is useless, direct tips low temperature then immediately off. Meizu PRO 5 also haven't withstood the test of -20 ° C.

iPhone 6s
16 mobile phones at low temperatures has been nearly 2 hours, out freezer frost immediately, many mobile phones have appeared Caton phenomenon, slide the screen there is a significant image persistence. 

Fourth round: -25 ° C

It took another 1.5 hours, the temperature dropped to minus 26 degrees Celsius, surprisingly, only 4 phones can't continue to run: iPhone6s, Meizu PRO 5, One Plus 2 and OPPO R7s. Smartisan T2 after light up the screen immediately battery low prompt, and then shut down. 

Smartisan T2
Huawei Mate8 is a bit special, prompts low-power shutdown after light up the screen, but after contacting with air temperature rise does not ultimately shut down.

Huawei Mate8 prompts shut down
Huawei Mate 8 Image Persistence
Other 10 handsets quite strong through the minus 20 degree cold test, respectively are LeTV LE 1s, Samsung S6 edge +, ZTE AXON MAX, Gionee M5 Plus, 360 Qiku, Nubia Prague S, Moto X Force, ZUK Z1, Vivo X6, Redmi 3.

Out from the freezer, after 5 minutes, 16 phone temperature is rapidly rise, try opening 5 has stopped working phone, 4 of which can be a normal boot, power returned to normal. Only OPPO R7s still can not boot, and wait for about 3 minutes, OPPO R7s can boot.

The ultimate test: Thermometer burst table

Finally, do a test limit, select three mobile phones that still alive and relatively smooth operation, Samsung S6 edge +, Moto X Force, 360 Qiku directly buried in the Dry Ice, the lowest temperature theoretically up to -78 degrees.

Thermometer burst table
Thermometer shows the phone temperature quickly dropped, has dropped to -50 degrees Celsius less than ten minutes, then the thermometer burst table. The other two thermometers already exceeds a critical value, the temperature can not be displayed.

All on hibernation mode
Waited another a minute or so, the phone is expected to have a temperature of -55 degrees, open the freezer found three mobile phones all on strike. Hands did not dare contact with the cell phone, took out a freezer Immediately covered in ice, on the rear case full of ice crystals.

About 10 minutes later, the phone temperature rose rapidly, the body of the ice has not melted, try to open the three mobile phones, Moto X Force, 360 Qiku normal startup, operation is relatively smooth, you can see image persistence. Samsung S6 edge + has been unable to boot, charge neither. The next day to get the Samsung after-sales, with professional charging equipment to boot. Staff said that the machine does not have any damage, but was afraid of the cold. 


iPhone 6s and Meizu PRO 5 walkout at -20 ° C; The temperature reached -26 degrees and a half hours later, Oneplus 2, OPPO R7s, Smartisan T2, Huawei Mate 8 has come to a critical value, in arctic temperatures to stay one more second will shut dwon. 10 other phones still work, but the lithium battery has been unable to work properly at -26 degrees, phone battery rapid decline, it will be a low-power shutdown. Three mobile phones participated -50 ° C ultimate test,  all failed to withstand the test, in order to speculate other phones can not get through the challenges. 

Note that the cold does not damage the phone, but lithium batteries can not work, can not be charged, to resume normal work after the temperature rose, so we do not worry too much about.


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