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Repost: [Tips & Tutorials] 23 Tips to Help You Solve Common Problems in Mi Phones

Xiaomi is not only about high specifications yet affordable smartphones, more importantly is the MIUI system that comes together with the phones. Up to date, MIUI has been developed until MIUI 7 and yet, improvements are being introduced weekly with the China Dev ROM. The simple and yet functional MIUI system has attracted lots of users to try out Xiaomi smartphones. As a loyal MIUIers, I would like to share a few simple tricks in MIUI that MIUIers can’t missed. Let’s learn together the awesomeness of MIUI.

1. How to turn on the developer options in MIUI
You can turn on the developer options through Settings>About phone>tap 3-6 times on the MIUI version tab. Tada…You have turned on the developer options for MIUI

2. Why there are a bit yellowish tint on my Xiaomi smartphone display?
To reduce the yellowish tint on the display, please go to Settings>Display>Colors & saturation>Choose Standard/cool. This should reduce the yellowness of the display. But if the screen is still yellow tinted after changing the settings, then this might be due to production failure. Please do not hesitate to contact the Xiaomi customer service in your country or take the phone to the nearest service center to solve the problem.

3. Why sometimes during phone calls there is echo?
This can be solved by: Settings>Sounds>Suppress noise during calls> Single-mic noise suppression

4. Xiaomi phones could not sent or deliver MMS
This can be solved by log into the Mi account. Settings>Mi Account>Mi cloud. Some of the users had changed the password in PC, you are required to delete the account and re-login again.

5. There are some noise on my Mi phone screen.
Dial *#*#6484#*#* (Which is also the T9 input for MIUI, isn’t this convenience), choose tab number 11 Touch sensor>Recalibrate the touch screen

6. How to solve the black screen during phone calls?
Dial *#*#6484#*#*, number 8 Proximity sensor>recalibrate the sensor. If it is still the same, the tempered glass might have blocked the sensor and thus failed. Change another tempered glass/screen protector that do not block the proximity sensor. If problem still persisted, please visit the nearest Xiaomi service center for a full checkup.
7. Why when there are calls come in, the ringtone will only ring after 1-2 second?
When there is a stranger phone calls come in, the phone will determine whether this is a harassment phone calls, the system will take about 1 second to decide, that’s why phone will only ring after 1-3 seconds (this is predetermined by the developers). If the phone calls are from the number inside contact list, the phone will ring immediately.

8. The sound quality of Mi phone it not that great.
Try to turn on the Settings>Sound & Vibration>Audio settings>Mi sound Enhancer. Try to match the earphones that you are using currently with the available choices in the list.

9. Why my mi phone ringtone is not loud?
Setting>Sound & vibration>Volumes>Ringtone and notification (Set it to the loudest). Or you can try plug in earphones, setting>Sound and vibration>Switch on. With this option on, although there is no earphones if the phone rings, the speaker volume will be louder 20% as compared to this function turned off. The last option is there are some phones the speaker is located beneath the phone, try to turn the speaker on the upper side.

10. Why I always feel my phone is lagging?
This is because the animation for the phone is turned on. If you don’t like the animation, can go to Settings>Additional settings>Developer options>Window animation scale>Animation off. If you still feel there are some lags, can try to reflash the phone.

11. How to turn off the in-game vibration?
Settings>Sounds and vibration>Vibrate on touch>off. Normally, the vibration during gaming can be turn off in the game menu setting

12. How to change ringtone easily?
You can place your ringtone (.mp3) in the File Explorer>Internal Storage>MIUI>Ringtone. Or, Settings>Sound and vibration>Call ringtone and vibrate: here, you can choose to have long or short ringtone for the choices available. The last resort is: Contacts>Default ringtone>Select the tone you like.

13. When I am playing games, I always accidently touched the bottom three button.
Pull down the navigation bar>Turn on “Buttons” option. To turn on the 3 buttons function, simply touch home button and power button simultaneously.

14. Can I switch off the notification for Mi App Store (China ROM)?
No. But you can try to root your phone and uninstall the default MI app store.

15. How to enable the camera in MIUI to detect the gender and age?
Camera>Swipe to right>At the bottom, setting>turn on the Face detection, then in the Age and gender, turn on show age and gender when beautify is on. Then go back to camera, choose selfie mode, at the bottom, the star icon, choose to turn on the beautify mode (low, mid or high). Then you can see the age and gender in the selfie cam.

16. Can Xiaomi phone scan and detect barcode and QR code?
Yes. Camera>Setting>switch on the scan QR codes mode. The other place where you can scan QR code is Tools>Scanner.

17. How to easily transfer files between phones and PC?
First, make sure your phone and PC is connected to the same WiFi. Then, Explorer>at the bottom screen, FTP>Start server>There will be a link on the screen, started with ftp://xx.x.x.x:xxxx. Go to your pc>My Computer>Paste the ftp link in the Computer address bar. Now, you can easily transfer files between PC and Mi phones without cables.

18. My PC can’t recognize when I plug in my phone through USB connection
If the data cable and USB port is working well, then Settings>Additional settings>Developer options>switch on the USB debugging

19. My Mi phone is drop dead, can’t start up with any button pressed
Long press the power button at least 10 seconds, this will turn on the phone. If the phone is lag in a screen, this will help to restart the phone. Currently, Xiaomi flagship phones do not support removable battery anymore, thus remove battery and restart is not possible. But, you still can remove battery in selected Redmi series.

The other way is press the volume up button and power button simultaneously, your will be directed to Mi logo and recovery page, choose you language of choice and choose to Reboot

If the phone is in off mode, they to press the volume down and power button simultaneously, to enter the Fastboot mode (Mi bunny fixing Android robot pic), then try to long press (really really long) the power button.
If all the method above proven to be failed, it is the time you pay a visit to the nearest service center

20. The screen is dark, but bottom 3 navigation button lights are turned on.
Long press the power button (at least 10 seconds) and try to reboot the phone.
My friend faced this problem before, is scarce, because he turns off the auto-brightness and set the phone brightness to the lowest. This can be solved by blind testing. Unlock the phone, pull down the navigation bar and try to manually adjust the brightness.

21. The screen turned off during gaming and the phone can’t be turned on
Sometimes, when you’re enjoying the game with your phone so much, you forgot about the phone battery where you played until it is out of juice! Try to charge the phone and power on, if the phone can be on, then today is your lucky day. If can’t on, charge it for minimum 30 mins, then turn it on. IF after 30 mins of charging still can’t turn on, please visit the nearest customer service, if the phone is still under warranty, you can actually change the motherboard for free..Yay!!
22. If my Mi phone is spoiled, under what circumstances I can repair it for free?
If the phone is not spoiled due to fall down (the physical condition of the phone is bad) or drop into water, you can repair it for free in 1-year period from the date of purchasing.

23. The phone has not been use for quite sometimes, how to adjust the time and date back to current accuracy?
Normally, the time and date is automatically updated when the phone is connected to the internet. There is no need of manual adjust them. But, make sure you choose the correct time zone for your phone.


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