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It's a Tablet Also a Laptop, Onda oBook 11 Unboxing Review

Slim and lightweight body, 11.6-inch screen, multi-mode, good work ability, long battery life, which is basically a selling point for those who bussiness travel frequently prepared, this "oBook11" is a very suitable replacement mobile business office machine.

Onda oBook 11 uses a simple white packaging, packaging is large, also indicates a problem that oBook11 exactly is a laptop, or a tablet computer? Intel inside LOGO on box front also expressed this new uses Intel processors. While the bottom side of the package oBook11 showed four use modes, including notebooks, tablet, stand and tent mode.

Open the package, "Onda oBook11" showing in front, included accessories complete in the box, including a high voltage charger that similar laptop charger, OTG cable, manual, warranty card, certificate, etc.

Onda oBook11 with a silver appearance, matte texture is good, the front has Onda LOGO. "Onda oBook11" body in the field of laptop is kind of very thin, and weighs only 1.2kg, compared to about 3kg of mainstream laptops are lighter half, very easy to carry.

Onda oBook11 does not use a conventional tablet removable connection mode, and innovative use of 360 ° shaft design, the screen and the keyboard can not be separated, which basically is a laptop. The shaft can be rotated 360 degrees, can support freely and rotate, support notebooks, tablet PCs, standing and tent mode, so various scenarios become more convenient.

Notebooks, Tablet PCs, Standing and Tent mode, Large image look here

Ultrathin body, Combined thickness thinner than fifty cents coin, Machine weighs only 1.2kg

Onda oBook11 equipped with Intel's latest Cherry Trail Z8300 processor, and the eighth generation HD Graphics core with 2GB of memory, impressive performance. oBook11 official version has been installed Windows10, Microsoft has now pushed the TH2 version, oBook11 can also be upgraded directly to TH2.

On the operation of the system, Book11 runs very smooth, touch screen Internet browsing experience compared to conventional feel even better. And because with the keyboard, oBook11 than migraine-like shape of the notebook, and deal with office software and other social software are more than enough.

When using office software, will not have Caton phenomenon, but more on the contrary is quite smooth, either edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint. In addition to usual office suite, sometimes products used Axure, Photoshop and other software is also perfect to use. For office workers, business people who travel frequently, it is very convenient.

Not only do work on a perfect performance, oBook entertainment performance is full of confidence. Install the Chrome browser, play online 1080P video, completely smooth. Since Windows comes with the player decoder is still a little lacking, install storm video more clearly 2K, 4K video playback, running smoothly without pressure.

Now athletics and card games is indeed very popular, "Hearthstone legend" is now the representative of card games, the hardware requirements are relatively higher, also above the recommended configuration Core processor, while Onda oBook11 tackle this game no problem, smooth operation.

Try again a higher configuration requirements of the game "Cross Fire", under conventional definition, the game has been maintained at more than 30 frames instant shooting game can run smoothly! "Heroes Union" and "World of Warcraft" is still the most popular sports games, Onda oBook11 also run without any problems. 

Onda oBook11 interfaces including USB3.0, USB2.0, one each, HDMI interface, independent DC charging port and so on. Support for external mobile hard disk and U disk, 128GB TF card expansion, which also avoids the 32GB capacity problems caused by inadequate. USB port, but also as a large number of temporary mobile charger, charge the phone. In addition, on the side there are volume add, subtract and lock screen button.

Onda oBook11 in mobile office, entertainment games performance on a good performance, of course, certainly not compared with the current mainstream notebooks on the overall performance, but its usefulness, portability and long battery life are ordinary laptops do not possess.  If you like this Onda oBook 11, you can purchase on GeekBuying for $199.99


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